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GUARDFLA Florida oceanfront


GUARDFLA provides tailor-made security solutions for diverse client needs.


We are committed to creating secure environments and ensuring safety, security, and peace for our clients.

GUARDFLA safe neighborhood
  • HOA's

  • Condo's

  • Apartments

  • Firewatch

  • Shopping Centers

  • Medical Facilities

  • Treatment Centers

  • Construction Sites

  • Public Spaces

  • School Campuses

  • Events

  • Private Investigations

The Right Choice
GUARDFLA provides comprehensive security solutions, delivered by seasoned professionals. We safeguard residential and commercial spaces, medical facilities, and events with advanced surveillance and proactive strategies, and offer bespoke protection for high-profile clients. At GUARDFLA, we don't just respond to security threats - we create safer environments, fostering security and peace of mind.
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