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GUARDFLA.COM offers roaming patrol security protection to protect vacant properties from vandalism, theft, and adverse possession (ie “squatting”). Prices and availability vary by location.


GUARDFLA.COM Security does not only provide highly-trained security officers but patrol units too. We monitor the area and protect the citizens within the perimeter. We can patrol any area at any given time.

  • Residential

  • Office buildings

  • Vehicle patrol

  • Construction

  • Banks

  • Airports

  • Warehouses

  • College School Campuses

  • Sport/Special Events

  • Retail Store and Mall

  • Anywhere!


All of our security officers/guards are highly trained. We are a licensed company and ready to begin protecting your property.

  • Temporary Security Guards

  • Private Security

  • Government

  • Water usage Monitoring Services

  • Patrol Services

  • Community Patrol

  • Mobile Rover Patrol

  • Internal investigations

  • Private Investigations

  • Bilingual English/Spanish service!


Security can be tough to handle, here at GUARDFLA.COM Security we plan ahead and are always ready. You will not have to worry about any situation as we map out any weak areas that could be compromised.

  • Armed Guards

  • Unarmed Guards

  • HOA Services

  • VIP main events

  • Event Security

  • Executive Transport & Protection

  • Armored Transport

  • Periodic Vacant Lot Patrol

  • Luxury hotel loss prevention

  • Modeling Fashion shows

  • Professional athlete personal protection

  • Fortune 500 security

GUARDFLA.COM Security, offers highly trained security personnel. We are trained to handle any situations and learn actively on new projects and security sites.
  • Private Security Guards

  • Residential Security Services And Patrol

  • Temporary Security Guards

  • School & College Campus Security Guards

  • Unarmed Security Guards

  • Retail Store & Mall Security Guard Services (Loss Prevention)

  • Office Building Security Guards And Patrol Services

  • Corporate Security

  • Financial Bank Security Guards And Patrol Services

  • Armed Security Guards

  • Hospital/Healthcare Security Guards

  • Pharmaceutical/Biotech

  • Warehouses

  • Airports

  • Executive Protection

  • Security Consulting

  • Government Security

  • Vehicle Patrol Officers

  • Sport Event Security

  • Special Event Security

  • Video Surveillance

  • Water Usage Monitoring Security Guards

  • Construction Site Security Guards And Patrol ServiceS

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