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GUARDFLA's Innovative Technology

The future of security is here-


       At GUARDFLA, our technology-enhanced approach includes:

  • Officer Reports: A cutting-edge, client-friendly mobile tracking system offering real-time updates on our patrol units' movements and actions.

  • Unprecedented Control: As a client, you gain visibility and control over your security landscape directly from your mobile device.

  • Drone surveillance: Revolutionizing security, offering unmatched aerial perspectives that enhance monitoring, detection, and response capabilities.

  • THERMS: Our innovative QR Code tracking system, empowers security with real-time updates and insights, creating a seamless connection between officers, clients, and site needs.

  • Optimized Resources: The system helps optimize patrol routes, adjust schedules, and dispatch nearest units promptly during emergencies for enhanced security coverage.

  • Predictive Analysis: With Officer Reports, we spot patterns, predict risk areas, and tailor our security strategy accordingly.

  • Transparency and Communication: The system enhances transparency with instant access to patrol updates, incident reports, and more.

We leverage Officer Reports to blend the human touch of our expert personnel with the efficiency of state-of-the-art technology, offering reliable and innovative security services.

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